Top 5 Reasons for High Blood Pressure

Reasons for high blood pressure! We all know that a significant increase in Blood Pressure Level is bad for our health, it can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and early death. You may not fully understand the scientific reasons that causes an increase in Blood Pressure and in fact in 90 to 95% of hypertension cases, the cause is unknown, BUT you do know that there are certain changes you can make in your life to reduce and normalize Blood Pressure.

Researchers have identified 5 RISK FACTORS that causes an increase in blood pressure. Let’s take a look at what they are and what you can do to lower your risk!

Reasons for High Blood Pressure #1: Weight & Bad Diet. It is important to note that what you currently eat (and ate in your childhood) can have a massive difference on blood pressure. A poor diet has consistently been linked to hypertension. Excess weight – is another major contributor to high blood pressure. If you are overweight- exercise and losing weight is a sensible first step in treating high blood pressure. Reduce the amount of fats, oils, sugar and salt in your diet and increase the amount of fruit and vegetables, cereal and fish.

Reasons for High Blood Pressure # 2: Stress. This is very often mentioned as a risk factor for high BP. If you are in a highly stressful environment at home or at work your blood pressure will suffer. You need to find methods that help you relax and switch off which will help lower your blood pressure. This can be a hobby such as photography, writing, gardening. Consider Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation or other stress-reducing techniques.

Reasons for High Blood Pressure #3: Alcohol. Heavy or regular use of alcohol is another known cause for elevated blood pressure. Reducing alcohol intake can often reduce high blood pressure without the need for any drug treatment, that is how powerful reducing or eliminating alcohol from our lives is.

Reasons for High Blood Pressure # 4: Lack of Physical Activity. An inactive lifestyle is one of the reasons for obesity which results in increased BP. Physical Activity will also reduce your stress and lower your blood pressure.

Reasons for High Blood Pressure # 5: Genes. High blood pressure seems to run in families and accounts for about half of High Blood Pressure Sufferers. Knowing how to prevent high blood pressure is therefore important. By keeping an eye on all of the above mentioned risks, it will help reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.