5 Reasons Why Should Monitor Your Blood Pressure Numbers at Home

High blood pressure is a health malady that can lead to severe disabilities and even death, which many face. To help combat high blood pressure, in addition to dietary and other life style adjustments, you’ll find, after study, that it’s a good idea to self monitor your blood pressure. To help convince you so that you can live longer, this article will investigate the reasons why you’d want to monitor your blood pressure at home.

Why Should I Monitor My Blood Pressure Numbers at Home? Aren’t My Visits to the Doctor Enough?

You should continue to see your doctor regularly for blood pressure monitoring and interpretation, as well as advice and treatment on either lowering or maintaining, if necessary, good blood pressure. However, seeing a doctor is not always a panacea. For starters, blood pressure readings at a doctor’s office can sometimes prove inaccurate. For example, some patients suffer an unfortunate result called “White Coat Hypertension. “What is White Coat Hypertension? It’s simply the result of anxiety. Some are so anxious or apprehensive about seeing a doctor that their blood pressure artificially and temporarily spikes when the doctor is trying to read it.

In addition, the opposite can occur at the doctor’s office. Rather than receiving high blood pressure readings when you don’t have high blood pressure, you could receive normal blood pressure readings when you have high blood pressure. This is known as “Masked Hypertension” and is most often associated with women and those suffering from obesity and high cholesterol.

Both of these erroneous doctor readings could result in an inaccurate prognosis and treatment as well as concern on your part. Fortunately, monitoring your blood pressure at home can combat both White Coat Hypertension and Masked Hypertension as well as allow you to share more accurate readings with your doctor.(Please Note: This is not a reason NOT to see your doctor. Always consult your doctor about your blood pressure as she is an expert in this matter.}

Other Reasons to Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home

In addition, when you monitor your blood pressure at home, you gain a sense of control over your health. You are taking action and thus are actively part of the solution. This can serve as a psychological device to more comfortably confront your high blood pressure issue as well as get you to make a concerted approach to lower it. Further, when you monitor your blood pressure numbers at home with blood pressure equipment, you can see your progress daily, which may be the results of medication, dietary changes and exercise. And, as anyone who has lost weight knows when they get on the scale and see a number lower than the day before, small victories encourage you to continue with your actions. Thus, as you see your blood pressure decrease, you’ll be more apt to continue with your treatment.

To conclude, there are many benefits to monitoring your blood pressure at home. You might not only get more accurate readings, when, in conjunction with doctor visits and monitoring, you take your own blood pressure, but you’ll also gain psychological encouragement to continue your treatment. Thus, home blood pressure monitoring is a great way for you to help take control of your health and live that healthy lifestyle that both you and your family want!