How to choose the best high blood pressure medicine?

Choosing the right high blood pressure medicine

Most licensed dieticians, educated doctors, and concerned government agencies are recommending the use of DASH, a high blood pressure diet designed specifically for people who have or who are at risk of hypertension. This diet combines good nutritional habits with foods that are specifically chosen to help you get your blood pressure lowered and keep it down before starting you on high blood pressure pills.

DASH focuses on a low-fat, low sodium balanced diet that has elevated servings of calcium, magnesium, and potassium.…

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The Omron BP791IT Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron BP791IT

If you are reading this must be thinking about purchasing a Blood Pressure Monitor like the Omron BP791IT

For anyone having High Blood Pressure, it makes sense to have your own Blood Pressure Monitor for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if you only have your Blood Pressure monitored each time you visit the Doctors, then it is pot luck what your measurement is likely to be. Remember that this is only a snapshot of your BP levels at one period of the day, and you may only have this carried out once a month. …

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Natural High Blood Pressure Treatments At Your Grocery Store!

While there is no clear consensus on what the core causes of hypertension are, the medical community agrees on the mechanics of the disease. Often called the “Silent Killer” because it can cause a stroke or heart attack with no apparent symptoms, hypertension or high blood pressure has become a public health issue affecting one out of four adults.

And you know what? This killer is preventable and reversible.

Up until the late 90s Americans routinely turned to drugs to control the condition.…

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Lower Blood Pressure Fast

An announcement of importance to men and women looking for foods that lower blood pressure…

“How A Toxic Pollutant From Car Exhausts Became The Subject Of A Nobel Prize-
Winning Discovery…And…Why It’s The
Secret Solution To Driving Your Blood Pressure Down In Only 14 Days”

At last you can benefit from hidden scientific research to lower your blood pressure naturally with foods, without relying on toxic drugs.

It’s December 10, 1998. Three proud American scientists walk up to the rostrum in The Concert Hall in Stockholm.…

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What Causes Fluctuating Blood Pressure

Do you know that all of us suffer from fluctuating blood pressure? If you are alarmed by this fact, no need to worry because you have to remember that this is normal and actually recommended. There are times, however, when fluctuating blood pressure can be serious. Therefore, you need to learn more about the common causes of high blood pressure.

Remember that you always need to be healthy in order to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Common Causes of Fluctuating Blood Pressure

Getting to know the common causes of high blood pressure is important because you will know what may be causing the change in your blood pressure.…

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Best Blood Pressure Monitors – Omron HEM-790IT

If you need to monitor your heart condition and retain the information so that it can easily passed on to your Doctor, then the Omron HEM-790IT Blood Pressure Monitor could be the right model for you.

Omron HEM-790ITOmron HEM-790IT

The Omron HEM-790IT is another model from one of the best manufacturers of Blood Pressure Monitors. It is an upper arm fitting which is the most accurate type of monitor. The unit consists of 2 parts, the Display Unit and the Upper Arm Cuff.…

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Steps To Cure High Blood Pressure

Weight Loss to Control High Blood Pressure

Losing weight can be of great help for a person who wants to know how to get rid of high blood pressure. Many people find that their blood pressure increases as their weight goes up. Furthermore, excess weight contributes to sleep apnea, and this condition has also been shown to play a role in high blood pressure. A loss of ten pounds can lead to a reduction in blood pressure, thus this remains one of the most effective ways to address this issue when a person wants to know how to lower blood pressure.…

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A Diet Plan To Lower Blood Pressure

Cruise Control Diet Review

Getting into shape has one of the most sought after solutions in the past decades due to the ever increasing number of obese people worldwide. The reason for this has mainly been the sedentary lifestyle of the present times and fighting extra weight has become a challenge for most people and in order to find a quick solution, a number of weight loss supplements and pills have made way into the market.…

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The Blood Pressure Solution

Hypertensive cardiovascular disease (HCD) is an umbrella term for a disease which includes enlargement of the heart, coronary heart disease, and heart failure.

This results from suffering often for a long period of time from high blood pressure (HBP) (hypertension).


When you suffer from untreated (HBP), the heart has to work extra hard to pump your blood around your body. In a normal healthy body it can maintain this extra work for months or even a few years, but eventually it becomes tired and the muscles in the heart become enlarged.…

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How To Recognize The Pain Of A Heart Attack


You may be experiencing the early warning signs of blocked arteries (atherosclerosis) but you may not be associating this pain and discomfort with heart problems.

Strange though it may sound, the traditional image of a man holding his chest whilst gasping for breath is not the most common pain experience or symptom of a blocked artery sufferer, although it may be that very one that ultimately brings them into the accident and emergency department.…

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