Best Blood Pressure Monitors – Omron HEM-790IT

If you need to monitor your heart condition and retain the information so that it can easily passed on to your Doctor, then the Omron HEM-790IT Blood Pressure Monitor could be the right model for you.

Omron HEM-790ITOmron HEM-790IT

The Omron HEM-790IT is another model from one of the best manufacturers of Blood Pressure Monitors. It is an upper arm fitting which is the most accurate type of monitor. The unit consists of 2 parts, the Display Unit and the Upper Arm Cuff. The unit supports 2 users – each having 84 locations to store measurements, and also includes a Guest Mode. The Omron HEM-790IT is one of the best selling models with a large number of features. The features include:


This system inflates the cuff to the correct level depending on your blood pressure. It will adjust the inflation to the ideal level every time it is used, resulting in more consistant readings as well as providing a comfortable fitting. After the measurement is complete, the cuff will automatically deflate.


Omron Blood Pressure Monitors are renowned for the accuracy of their readings , and the Omron HEM-790IT is no exception. The Omron HEM-790IT has 2 different averaging modes to increase the accuracy.

TruRead Mode – This mode takes 3 readings at 1 minute intervals and then displays the average of the readings (the interval can be adjusted between 15,30,60 and 120 secs)  The cuff will inflate and deflate 3 times for 3 separate readings.

Single Read Mode – This mode has Advanced Averaging. 3 readings are taken within 10 minutes and the average of these readings is displayed.

Comfit Cuff

The Comfit Cuff is exclusive to Omron Blood Pressure Monitors including the Omron HEM-790IT. It is a preformed cuff that has markings to assist correct fitting

The Thumb Grip is a pad to enables you to hold the cuff in the correct position.

The Blue Strip is fitted across the width of the cuff to enable the correct alignment with your middle finger.

The cuff can be easily fitted without any assistance                                  


The Omron HEM-790IT Display Unit has a large Digital Display that includes the following information.

  • Systolic – this is the level of pressure when the heart is beating
  • Diastolic – the level of pressure when the heart is resting between beats.
  • Pulse with heartbeat symbol – the heartbeat symbol flashes with each heartbeat and after the reading the Pulse Display will show beats per minute.  After the reading, the heartbeat symbol will flash if the blood pressure is above the recommended levels of 135 for Systolic and/or above 85 for Diastolic
  • Irregular Heartbeat – will show if the monitor detects 2 or more irregular readings during a measurement.
  • Morning and Evening Averages – The unit has 2 one-touch buttons for averaging – 1 for Morning Average and 1 for Evening Average. The first press of the Morning Average button displays This Weeks average readings for Mornings. Subsequent presses of the button displays the previous weekly average up to up to a limit of 7 weeks. The Evening Average button works exactly the same but for Evening readings.
  • Morning Hypertension – If any of the Morning Weekly averages are above the recommended levels of 135 Systolic or 85 Diastolic, then the Morning Hypertension symbol will be displayed

 Omron Health Management Software – Load data to your PC for sharing

The Omron HEM-790IT comes with a USB lead and Software to allow you to download all your readings to your PC. The Omron Blood Pressure Software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The Software will allow you to keep a backup of all your readings, so should you lose the data from your Display Unit you still have access to your measurements. The other use is when all the memory locations are full, you can save the data to your PC and then clear the Display Unit readings to start afresh. One useful addition to this is the ability to enter readings manually.

When viewing your readings on the PC it displays Systolic, Diastolic and pulse readings in Graphic format. The data can be manipulated to get any information you require. It can be displayed in Weekly, Monthly or Yearly time periods and even further to Morning , Afternoon and Evening readings  in order either to extract a small amount of data or to view long term trends.

There is also an option to display a Data List between dates selected by you, this will be displayed line by line, which you may find more useful. Should you wish to print a copy of your readings to pass on to your Doctor, then you can create and print a PDF file.

Review of the Omron HEM-790IT

This monitor is very easy to use, it will keep track of 2 users plus guest user. The software that comes with it is easy to use and navigate through. My doctor was extremely impressed when i went to my appointment with the monitor and my laptop, number 1, to check the accuracy of the monitor and 2,look at the graffs, averages, and numbers the software provides. My doctor told me this makes it so much easier for her to prescribe the right medication that i need at this point. My next appointment, I just need to print out the information from the software to show my doctor.

Edward J. Barnett

Omron HEM-790-IT Features

  •  Cumfit Cuff for comfort with any size arm between 9 and 17 inches
  • IntelliSense Technology to inflate the cuff to the correct level for comfort and accuracy.
  • Detects Morning Hypertension and Irregular Heartbeat.
  • TruRead Mode and Single Read Mode Averaging to give more accurate readings.
  • 2 User with 84 Memory locations for each plus Guest Mode
  • AC adaptor for use at home to save battery life.
  • USB Cable for interface to PC
  • CD Rom with Omron Health Management Software.
  • 4 “AA” Batteries
  • Storage Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • 5 Years Warrranty


If you are looking for the best Blood Pressure Monitor that that is accurate, reliable and has the ability to Download all your measurements to your PC, then we recommend the Omron HEM-790IT should be a serious candidate for your shortlist.