Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is considered to be the leading cause of serious health conditions such as heart attack, stroke and even kidney diseases. There are many people suffering from this condition, and the worst part is that they are even unaware of it. Therefore, knowing the symptoms is the first step to having a normal blood pressure.

Once you figure that out, it is time to change your lifestyle. Here are the main mistakes that cause high blood pressure:

  • Lack of Exercise
  • Stress
  • High Sodium Intake
  • Birth Control Pills and other medications
  • Obesity

At the first sign of any symptom you need to find a remedy, so that you can effectively get rid of high blood pressure.

Best Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure


Garlic is known to be one of the spices that many people love because it has its own unique taste that cannot be imitated anywhere. It can effectively lower blood pressure naturally, and in fact, people can eat it raw or cooked and still have its great effects. Garlic can also help make the blood vessels become more relaxed and this can lower the risk of acquiring some health conditions related to hypertension.

It is recommended that the intake of garlic should be twice a day. Two cloves of garlic may be consumed and it will be enough to effectively lower blood pressure.

Coconut Water

If you have always loved coconut water, then you are in luck because this is something that you can consume to effectively lower your high blood pressure. Make sure to drink a lot of glasses of coconut water every day as it contains high amounts of potassium, vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals which can be effective in lessening your high blood pressure.

Stop Smoking

Smoking can heighten your blood pressure for a certain period of time after its consumption. This means that it can actually make you feel more stressed than usual. Also, when you smoke regularly you are causing your blood pressure to become retained higher than usual.

If you have already been diagnosed with high blood pressure, now is the time to stop smoking and focus more on doing other things that can help reduce stress and at the same time, will not put you at risk of acquiring other diseases.


Bananas are very tasteful fruits with many health benefits that people love to eat. They are rich in potassium which will lessen the amount of sodium that you have already eaten. Aside from bananas, you can also eat other fruits and vegetables that have some potassium which can help get rid of the excess sodium that you may have.

Fish Oil

Fish oil can not only help lower blood pressure, but it can also be helpful for your heart by increasing the amount of HDL or good cholesterol that you can find inside your body. However, not all fish oils are healthy, so please do your research before implementing it into your daily diet.

Exercise More

Many people tend to avoid exercising because they lack the time or the desire. However, physical activity is one of the most important “ingredients’ for your overall health, and that includes the blood pressure. You should exercise at least 2 – 3 times a week or even more.


Hypertension is not something that you should take lightly. There are a lot of people who have realized that they have this condition when it was already too late. The above mentioned home remedies that you can effectively do at the comfort of your own home will help you lower your blood pressure and improve your overall health.