Lower Blood Pressure Fast

An announcement of importance to men and women looking for foods that lower blood pressure…

“How A Toxic Pollutant From Car Exhausts Became The Subject Of A Nobel Prize-
Winning Discovery…And…Why It’s The
Secret Solution To Driving Your Blood Pressure Down In Only 14 Days”

At last you can benefit from hidden scientific research to lower your blood pressure naturally with foods, without relying on toxic drugs.

It’s December 10, 1998. Three proud American scientists walk up to the rostrum in The Concert Hall in Stockholm. They traveled 4000 miles to receive their Nobel prizes in medicine from the King of Sweden for their astonishing blood pressure breakthrough.

The unlikely discovery of these heroes was a major turning point for the health of every human being. It’s been described as “one of the most important in the history of cardiovascular medicine”.

Until then, nitric oxide was thought of only as a toxic pollutant, something to avoid like the plague (it’s still important not to breathe this gas into your lungs).

But with their discovery, all that changed.

Thanks to these scientists we now appreciate its sheer power for good. It can protect us against heart attacks and strokes and lower blood pressure unbelievably fast. It can even reverse preexisting heart disease.

You see their great discovery was that nitric oxide is made in the blood vessels, the 60,000 mile-long network of flexible ‘tubes’ thru which blood flows.

Outside the body, nitric oxide remains a toxic poison. Inside the body it’s transformed into a potent protector of the cardiovascular system. Our very own built in heart medicine.

Your blood vessels are making it right now.

But there’s a catch.

Your blood pressure will only come down, and your heart will only be protected if you are making it in sufficient amounts.

You see the healthier you are, the more you make. Trouble is, unless your blood pressure is below 120/80 – you are almost certainly not making enough.

Nature’s Most Powerful Blood Vessel Relaxant

Hypertension comes about in the main because blood vessels can’t relax. They’re in a constant state of spasm.

The great news is that nitric oxide is a powerful relaxant of blood vessels. As soon as it’s produced in sufficient quantities it goes to work to relax and open up the vessels. Blood flow is increased; pressure comes down.

If that was the total of nitric oxide’s power it would be valuable enough but it’s able to go even further.

You see if hypertension isn’t addressed early on, the blood vessels may become diseased. The inner walls become sticky. Unwanted deposits like cholesterol stick to them and build up. The blood vessels constrict, thicken and lose their flexibility. Now blood is unable to flow fluently. At this stage there’s a heightened risk of heart attack or stroke.

The High Blood Pressure Solution Kit!


Nitric oxide prevents this shocking chain of events. It protects arteries against stickiness. It prevents cholesterol, calcium, white blood cells and other deposits from sticking to the vessel walls. It stops the walls from narrowing, thickening and losing their flexibility.

It can even reverse these processes given time to restore blood vessels to their original youthful state.

You can now take advantage of this incredible scientific discovery to restore full production of nitric oxide in your blood vessels. You can harness its power to lower your blood pressure, keep it down and reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.

With an optimal supply of nitric oxide the blood vessels

  1. Remain pliable, elastic, thin and relaxed
  2. Stay Teflon smooth
  3. Keep blood flowing efficiently
  4. Maintain blood pressure at healthy levels

Lower Blood Pressure FasterEvery Meal Has A Profound Affect On Your Blood Pressure

On top of the Nobel prize-winning breakthrough itself came another astonishing development. This was the discovery that nitric oxide is influenced by your diet more than any other factor.

This remarkable chemical is made in the inner lining of your blood vessels, called the endothelium. Few people know about the endothelium or how important it is. Yet this microscopically thin layer of cells is the key to lowering your blood pressure.

The endothelium is highly sensitive to the foods we eat. A single meal can help or hinder the production of nitric oxide.

Imagine if you knew the precise foods your endothelium needed. If you only ate those foods and nothing else, in 14 days your blood pressure would be lower than it is now. And if you were willing to take some helpers in the form of nutritional supplements, your blood pressure could sink even further. [See my free report Supplements for Lowering Blood Pressure].

You are probably wondering why you haven’t heard about this amazing discovery. There are a couple of reasons for this.

For one, doctors have little meaningful education in nutrition. If you’ve ever had a health problem and asked your doctor for advice about diet, you’ll know the truth of this. What you might find surprising – even shocking – is that most physicians, even cardiologists, know little about blood vessels. That’s because it’s a specialist branch of medicine – vascular medicine – only taught at around a dozen medical schools in the USA.

Also, it’s not in the interest of drug companies for this life saving information to get about. Americans spend $10 billion a year on drugs to lower blood pressure. That’s not a typo. It really is ten billion. They’re hardly going to educate doctors or the public about foods that lower blood pressure as effectively as drugs. They’d have to be crazy to risk such mega bucks.

They want you to take drugs and keep taking them, even though they often don’t work, offer little or no protection against heart disease and come with a shopping list full of potential side effects.

These include depression, dry cough, fatigue, muscle cramping, faintness, cold extremities, palpitations, insomnia and nausea. The list is far too long to mention them all. Some of the worst offenders – diuretics and beta blockers – can even make you impotent.

You may not want to take these drugs, but the pharmaceutical industry does want you to take them, and doctors don’t know any better. That’s just the way it is.

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

But there’s an alternative to drugs, an alternative to living with high blood pressure. You can choose foods that lower blood pressure. They also come with side effects. They make you feel good, give you renewed energy and might even enhance your sex life (Viagra works by boosting nitric oxide uptake in the penis).

Nitric oxide is manufactured from our food intake. It’s made in the body by an amino acid – a building block of protein. This amino acid is called arginine.

High levels of arginine are found in the following foods:

  1. chocolate
  2. wheat germ and flour
  3. buckwheat
  4. granola
  5. oatmeal
  6. dairy products
  7. beef
  8. pork
  9. nuts
  10. seeds
  11. poultry
  12. wild game
  13. seafood
  14. chick peas
  15. cooked soybeans

So, just eat these foods right? Wrong! That’s because arginine is only converted to nitric oxide in a series of biochemical steps. Most of us are getting enough arginine. Trouble is, it’s not being converted to nitric oxide.

You see this conversion only takes place under ideal conditions. To create these conditions, various aspects of your diet need to be changed.

At the moment your diet is highly unbalanced. How do I know this? If your diet were balanced, you wouldn’t have problems with your blood pressure.

The key to maximizing nitric oxide production in your endothelium is to bring your diet back into balance. Eating arginine-rich foods alone will not help and nor will taking arginine as a supplement.

That’s not to say supplemental arginine won’t be of some help. In fact I include it in my free report Supplements for Lowering Blood Pressure, but on its own it’s not the answer. If it was, believe me, even the drug companies couldn’t stop you from hearing about it.

Your body is far too complex to expect a single nutrient to be the whole answer. You can lower your blood pressure and you can do it remarkably fast – in 14 days – but you need a complete dietary program.

You need to get your food intake back into balance to support the health of your endothelium and to raise nitric oxide production.

It’s not about counting calories, or carbohydrates or measuring portions or anything like that.  You don’t need any of this. What you need are safe, evidence based, scientifically designed guidelines to raise nitric oxide production.

Balance is the key to getting your blood pressure down

Right now because your diet is out of balance, your body chemistry is out of balance. That’s why your endothelium is not producing enough nitric oxide. That’s why your blood pressure is too high. You’re eating too much of certain types of food and too little of other types.

Your fats are out of balance

If your diet is anything like most peoples, you are eating too much of one type of fat and too little of another. By making a few adjustments to your diet, you can boost the former and reduce the latter. Once these fats are in the correct relationship to each other, your blood pressure will come down.

Your mineral intake is out of balance

They keep shouting at you to cut down on salt. Cut down on salt. Cut down on salt. You’ve heard it a million times. Yet salt was prized in ancient times. People even got paid in it – hence the word salary.

So what’s happened to make salt so sinister? Lack of balance, that’s all. Yes we are taking in too much. But there’s nothing wrong with salt. It’s an essential nutrient. Most likely you’re ingesting too much in relation to other minerals.

Salt-free diets are not the answer either. These diets can put you off sex and scramble your brain so you can’t think clearly.

You just need to address the imbalance. Increase foods that contain the minerals you’re short of and are naturally low in salt. Reduce the intake of foods high in salt and low in minerals. That’s it. Now the balance is restored and your blood pressure can come down.

Your carbohydrates are out of balance

You need a better balance between simple carbs and complex ones. You need a better balance between those that enter the bloodstream rapidly and those that enter the bloodstream slowly. Put these imbalances right and your blood pressure will come down.

Make The Right Choices & Lower Blood Pressure Will Follow

Foods that lower blood pressure can be combined in many, many ways. And as long as you know what these foods are, you can constantly create and revise your own diet to reduce high blood pressure.

You can choose from a very wide range of foods. You aren’t confined to unappetizing recipes. You can be creative and even choose a nutritional no-no on occasion.

Just get the balance right and you will be rewarded. Your blood pressure will come down.

What you don’t want is a diet as such. You don’t want to count calories or carbs, weigh portions, scrutinize food labels, and feel guilty when you inevitably stray from the diet and eat a ‘forbidden’ food.

Who wants to live like that?

Some even suggest you needn’t bother with foods because it’s as easy as taking these vitamins or those herbs. Sadly this is far too simplistic.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great believer in supplements. In fact I recommend them myself. But that’s what they are – supplements. Diet is the key.

There’s an important new reason why supplements alone don’t cut it today.

You see in recent years scientists have discovered thousands of chemicals in food, many of which have profound effects on the body. These include 600 different carotenoids and 4000 different flavonoids. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The point is you’ll only get the benefit of these powerful plant chemicals if you eat the right foods. You won’t find them in a multivitamin and mineral supplement or in any herbal preparation.

So if you’re looking for a simple option, you’re going to be disappointed. Sure, your blood pressure may come down a little, but it won’t deal with the underlying problem. On their own they won’t protect you from heart disease.

Besides, choosing the correct foods and finding the right balance, isn’t that hard. In fact it’s easy. And the big value of focusing on food is that your whole cardiovascular system will be protected. You’ll be protected from all heart problems commonly suffered, not just high blood pressure.