The Omron BP791IT Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron BP791IT

If you are reading this must be thinking about purchasing a Blood Pressure Monitor like the Omron BP791IT

For anyone having High Blood Pressure, it makes sense to have your own Blood Pressure Monitor for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if you only have your Blood Pressure monitored each time you visit the Doctors, then it is pot luck what your measurement is likely to be. Remember that this is only a snapshot of your BP levels at one period of the day, and you may only have this carried out once a month. I think that you can see that this is not really accurate enough on which to base your long term medication.

Secondly, when you have your own Home Blood Pressure Monitor, it will allow you to carry out measurements three or four times a day in the comfort of your home, where you are more relaxed. This will enable you to build up a much better picture of your BP levels over a period of time (not just a monthly snapshot)

Thirdly, by varying your food and drinking habits, you can monitor your BP results and find out what food and/or drinks affect your Blood Pressure levels, which will enable you to modify your diet accordingly. It is possible by doing this that your medication could be reassessed.

 Omron BP791IT

The Omron BP791IT is an Upper Arm Fitting Blood Pressure Monitor which is regarded as capable of achieving the most accurate results. It is the up to date version of the popular BP790IT – it retains all of the best features and includes even more technology to ensure accurate and consistent Blood Pressure measurements. The Omron BP791IT is one of Omron’s top of the range models with just about every function that is available in a home Blood Pressure Monitor.

The system consists of a Display Unit housing the technology and the large LCD display screen and a detachable Cuff


Display Unit

This is the heart of the omron BP791IT system. All the technology to make accurate BP measurements is inside this unit. The LCD display is situated at the top and has 3 numbers that make up the Blood Pressure reading.

Starting at the top the first number is the Systolic reading. This is the highest pressure reading taken on the heartbeat. Below this is the Diastolic reading. This is the lowest pressure reading taken when the heart is between beats.

Below that is the Pulse or Heartbeat count.

There are several other Symbol and Alert characters built into the LCD

These are:

  • Date and Time – this needs to be set so that readings have a Time and Date stamp.
  • User ID Symbol – Shows which User is selected.
  • Irregular Heartbeat Symbol – this is displayed if 2 or irregular heart rhythms are detected during a measurement period.
  • Movement Symbol – is displayed when excessive movement is made during a measurement
  • Morning Hypertension Symbol – if any weekly Morning average has a Systolic reading of 135 or more and/or a Diastolic reading of 85 or more, then this symbol will be displayed.
  • TruRead Symbol – shows when TruRead mode is selected.
  • Heartbeat Symbol –this will flash in time with your heartbeat during a measurement period.
  • Cuff Wrap Guide Symbol – will display OK when it detects that the Cuff is fitted correctly.

 IntelliSense and Comfit Cuff

These 2 items are exclusive to Omron and fitted to most of their models – including the Omron BP791IT. They both help to ensure accurate readings and maximum comfort.

IntelliSense is built into the Display unit – this keeps an eye on your blood pressure and inflates the Comfit Cuff to the correct level to suit any situation, which in turn will give the most accurate measurement.

The Comfit Cuff is pre-formed, therefore making easy to fit with no assistance (good for anyone living alone). The markings built into the Cuff enable it to be correctly positioned on the arm. The other advantage of the Comfit Cuff is that it will fit a wide range of arm sizes (between 9 and 17 inches).

** The Comfit Cuff is designed to be used on the Left arm.**

TruRead Mode

The Omron BP791IT is capable of delivering accurate and consistent readings, however for extra assurance it has a measurement averaging mode that is called TruRead. This is a programmed mode that automatically takes 3 consecutive readings within a limited time period. The rest period between each reading can be set as required for a time of 15 secs, 30 secs, 60 secs or 120 secs. The default and International Recognised Guidelines suggest this is 60 secs.

To make a reading with the Omron BP791IT in TruRead mode, fit the Cuff as normal, and when relaxed press the START button. The Cuff will start to inflate as usual, and then begins to deflate. When the Cuff is fully deflated DO NOT MOVE. There is a countdown number on the screen so you can see how long you have to wait until the next reading. When the countdown reaches ZERO then the Cuff will start to inflate again. When the Cuff deflates for the second time DO NOT MOVE. Once again the countdown will show how long until the next measurement. The Cuff will inflate and deflate for the third and final time. When the Cuff is fully deflated the 3 measurement average is displayed and stored. The Cuff can now be removed.

When retrieving your records from the Omron BP791IT – any Measurements made in TruRead mode will also display the TruRead Symbol on the screen at the same time.

Measurement Storage

The Omron BP791IT will store up to 100 sets of Measurements plus up to 8 weeks of Morning and Evening Averages for each User. When the memory locations are full, subsequent readings will overwrite memory locations, starting with the oldest.

Permanent Storage of Blood Pressure Measurements

The Omron BP791IT is supplied with a USB interface lead, however, the Omron Health Management Software needs to be downloaded from . Together they will give you the ability to transfer all or any records from the Omron BP791IT to your PC for permanent storage. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Not only does it provide safekeeping for all of your measurements but your readings can also be displayed on the PC in graphical form, making it easy to spot any trends that may occur over a period of time.

Another other useful function of the software is that it will allow you to print out your Blood Pressure Measurements in either PDF or CSV format, which can be passed onto your Doctor. Should you prefer it you can send these by email if requested.

If you do not require the ability to permanently store measurements, that the Omron BP791IT provides, then it may be worth looking at the Omron BP785, which has all the same features, but no connection to the PC.

Omron BP791IT Features

  • Dual Sensors – Double Checks all measurements – Calibration Check Flashes if a fault is detected.
  • Detects Irregular Heartbeat and Morning Hypertension
  • Comfit Cuff – gives comfort, accurate readings and is easy to fit
  • Cuff Wrap Guide – shows if the cuff is fitted incorrectly
  • TruRead mode – automatic averaging of 3 measurements
  • Guest Mode readings
  • Supplied USB interface lead with Omron Health Management software for permanent Measurement storage
  • 2 Users – will store up to 100 measurements for each user
  • Powered by 4 x “AA” batteries giving up to 300 measurements or the supplied AC Adaptor

Anyone who has High Blood Pressure needs to think hard about owning your own Home Blood Pressure Monitor. There are many different models in the market with various features that you may or may not require. My advice is to make a list of the features that you require or would like, and compare it to the feature list of each model. If you think that you would find permanent storage of your Blood Pressure measurements useful then the Omron BP791IT could be the best Blood Pressure Monitor for you.